Kindergarten Weekly Home Learning Activities Week 1 (and no that is not a typo…)

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Can I just remind you again just how incredibly grateful I am that you are all HERE? What a wild ride the past 4 weeks has been. Creating this grid with my amazing co teacher Sandra has given me so much life through this whole process. We are so proud of the grid’s simplicity and ability to offer choice to the families we serve. Sharing with all of YOU who have been so incredibly grateful? Well, that’s been a huge unexpected bonus that I will forever be thankful for.

Because we are heading on Spring Break starting Friday, April 10th, we will not be sending home our Week 4 grid until next Friday. BUT I didn’t want to leave you all hanging until then…

It would unfair of me to post Week 4 before our families receive it so I have decided to post Week 1 activities to hold you over until then!

Week 1 was rolled out mid week and was a trial week for the grid and how our families would respond. It became very clear, very quickly that this model was going to work for us.

So, here is our Week 1 template. Thanks again for the support and the love. I will meet you back here after Spring Break…

Happy planning!