Christmas in Kindergarten

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I am blessed to teach at a Catholic school that spends the season of Advent preparing our hearts for Christmas. Here are some of my favourite Christmas activities that bring us joy this holiday season. (For more information about any of these activities, please feel free to click on the picture which will take you to my @mrsmacskinders Instagram page)

Christmas Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar counts down to Christmas with 24 acts of love/joy/hope/peace we can perform as we prepare for Christmas.

This handprint Advent wreath hangs above our prayer table. We “light” one of the candles each week.

Our Class Christmas Sock Exchange is one of my very favourite traditions each year. Yes, families can opt out. Yes, I always have a few extra pairs just in case. Yes, teachers take part. And yes, it is always one of our favourite days of the year. Here is the note we send home explaining it…

The Christmas Sock Exchange is a fun and simple way to make memories together each year.

These Christmas pattern ornaments are always a favourite! So much great practice creating a new pattern on each line of the ornament.

Speaking of patterning, this is a project I have done since my very first year teaching, our own patterned gift wrap! It has evolved and changed throughout the years but my favourite way right now is to use white gift wrap paper, cookie cutters and acrylic paint. You can also use cut sponges for the shapes. And instead of wrap I have also done white paper bags. I love that we always have this unique gift wrap to take a small present home to our families each year.

Here are some affiliate Amazon links for the paper, presses and paint I use:

This winter art on 8 x 10 canvas with acrylic paint is my favourite present to send home with each child. Wrapped in their homemade gift wrap, it makes a great keepsake each year.

Making these “glowing” trees on black construction paper with oil pastel and white chalk has become a yearly project. The kids often comment on how “grown up” this project feels.

There are alllll kinds of wonderful Christmas directed draws but this reindeer is my ultimate fave. Check out the ARTventurous Blog here to see how these beauties are made!

We have even used them on a countdown to Christmas bulletin board in the past!

Our dramatic play center gets converted to a “Santa’s Workshop”.

A super simple set up that always blows their Christmas loving minds!

Filled with gift wrap, tags, ribbons, tape and a bunch of random things to wrap. The week after, they will use this dramatic play area to wrap a gift for their families. 

Lastly, this little reminder gets sent home each year. It is an honour to do what I do. I like to make sure that our families know just how grateful I am. If you too have felt a pull to do this, here are the words I use when it comes to addressing Christmas gifts.

I hope you all have a wonderful month of making memories and creating joy within your classrooms. Merry Christmas everyone!