Inside Teachers These Days you will find 10 mighty chapters with 26 stories and 91 strategies that, together, are your place to land when you need to be reminded of your worth, your importance, and the impact you make on shaping our world.

Teachers These Days: Stories & Strategies for Reconnection

Teachers show up in different forms and in many chapters of a child’s life. Teaching is literacy and numeracy but, most importantly, it’s showing up with your whole heart. It’s walking kids—and yourself—through the hardest conversations about trauma, loss, grief, racism, or violence. As we work to piece together our education system in the fallout from a global pandemic, the focus must be on the teachers. If the people in charge—those teachers—aren’t okay, the students don’t stand a chance.

Dr. Jody Carrington and Laurie McIntosh bring together theory and practice, weaving the science of human development with real-life stories and tangible strategies told by those most qualified to share them—our teachers. This book is for those who need a place to land when they want to be reminded that, simply by the choice of their profession, they are a powerful force in shaping our world.