My kindergarten teacher heart is full just knowing that you are here and reading my words.

Over the past 18 months, every Friday, I’ve sent out a weekly email titled “What I’ve learned as a mama, a teacher, and a human”.

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The last times, it’s not about the kids, Wolfpack

 It’s not about the kids. We often hear “it’s all about the kids”. But in the case of the extreme exhaustion, anxiety and fear heard in the stories I’ve held of teachers these years (and in my own journey), I can undoubtedly say, these things are NOT about the kids. Our learners bring me joy and happiness not sadness. They bring me light and hope not darkness. They bring me a sense of purpose and

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Pros and cons, inquiry live, and circle of control

In a beautiful conversation with our Elder in Residence, Ms. Christina Fox this week after school we were chatting about what makes us who we are and what we bring to the table in our school community. Ms. Fox has the most wonderful way of making me reflect. And she made this point… What I have learned this week? We need not focus on the “what” of who we are but the “who”. The what is in

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Small things, strength, and Morgane

This is what it came down to. A pro and con list that we created as a family to decide what we should do this fall. Being a teacher did not make this decision clearer as some might think. When your mom heart and teacher heart are at odds? It’s strange and confusing. Seems so crazy to simplify such a complex decision on some post its. But it worked. And I think we’ve made our

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